Intelligent Web Presence Protection 

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What do we do?

The Polaris Platform

Web Protection Engine Machine Learning Engine Threat Intelligence Engine Managed Services

Comprehensive Web Presence Protection for Businesses

of the enterprises lack the resources to protect their assets.

Polaris' Web Presence Protection (WPP) platform automates web application traffic analysis and monitoring with its proprietary AI engine to improve threat detection accuracy and reduce false positives.

Primarily offered as a hosted cloud solution, the WPP platform monitors seemingly innocuous web traffic patterns across multiple web applications to predict coordinated stealth attacks. Polaris' solution is highly customisable and provides effective round-the-clock managed detection and response (MDR) capabilities for internet-facing organizations seeking to improve their cybersecurity posture.

Web Protection Engine

Polaris defeats SQL injection, XSS, form manipulation, protocol exploits, cookie and session poisoning, malicious payloads, and other attacks. Polaris also partners with Tier-1 Data Centers providers and multi-carrier network to provide an automated solution to defend against volumetric attacks.

Polaris offers you the following features:

 Secures Web Application Security 
 Defends against Volumetric Attacks 
 Detects Bots 
 Secures API Endpoints (Coming Soon) 
Machine Learning Engine

Polaris continually analyses web request traffic across all Polaris nodes worldwide, applying machine learning and threat intelligence to identify and harden itself against new attack vectors.

Polaris offers you the following features:

 Checks if your website is being defaced 
 Profiling behaviour of users using your web application to detect anomaly 
 Intelligently make sense of information and data 
Threat Intelligence Engine

Polaris monitors the internet to detect threats that might impact your business operations.

Polaris offers you the following features:

 Detects leaked data that matters to you 
 Detects phishing attempts on your customers and users 
Managed Services

Polaris helps you cope with the overwhelming cyber security signals that you receive. We resolve issues for you without you having to manage any cyber security teams.

Polaris offers you the following features:

 Handle and filter alerts and only inform you of actionable incidents 
 Respond to incident so you can focus on your business operations 

Web Presence Protection


Traditional solutions are hard to use

Legacy solutions require dedicated training and complicated configuration. Security tools are often misconfigured resulting in breaches.

No awareness of breaches

40% of organizations surveyed said they learnt of attacks on their network from their customers. Many traditional solutions have a low signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in an overwhelming amount of false positive security alerts.

Security professionals overwhelmed

With the increase in methods and tools to defend against constantly rising new attack vectors, security professionals are overwhelmed. Security professionals are also in scarcity and command high salaries.

Traditional solutions costly

Legacy solutions such as hardware appliances require a large upfront investment and scalability quickly becomes a problem.

Too many products in the market

The highly segmented cyber security market means that an organisation has to deploy multiple costly solutions to achieve all round protection.

Risk vs Reward skewed

Technologically sophisticated tools easily accessible to cyber criminals makes protecting increasingly difficult. Organizations are finding defensive solutions costly or difficult to configure.